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GetPixit is a frontrunner in the screen capture space that uniquely combines screen capturing, managing and real-time sharing of images into one breakthrough product supporting complete collaboration. There are several tools in the market for performing simple screen capture and for adding annotations. With the increase in the capturing, annotating and sharing images, these tools have become a vital part of everyday computer usage. Users, without noticing, spend a significant amount of productive time on capturing, annotating, sharing and managing captured images.

Almost all of the screen capture tools stop at just providing a single screenshot capture and some basic features to annotate it. The user has to organize and manage captured screenshots and share them with external tools and applications. Typically, users use a basic screen capture tool, organize the captured screens on the disk, and use other applications such as Office and Email for sharing. Some advanced users tend to use photo editing tools to manipulate captured screens.

GetPixit is our attempt to bring an easy-to-use product for improving productivity in Capture, Share and Management space.

Our Story

With decades of experience in software development and in delivering world-class products, our teams have tried, tested and used several screen capture tools in the market for the last 25 years. As our requirements grew, most of the tools didn't meet our requirements and that impacted the productivity of our engineers. GetPixit started as a small project for internal use and it slowly grew into a comprehensive product.

Our Vision

GetPixit brings together capturing screens, tools for annotations and image editing, integrations with applications, and managing them in a multi-tabbed user interface. This helps users to do most of their work in one place, without having to switch between different tools and applications. By putting the needs of the customer first, GetPixit aims to be at the forefront of screen capture space through continuous innovation.

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