Why GetPixit?

GetPixit is a front runner in the screen capture space that uniquely combines screen capturing, sharing and managing images into one breakthrough product supporting complete collaboration. With the increase in the capturing, annotating and sharing images, users have been spending a significant amount of productive time on these activities. GetPixit is our attempt to bring a product for improving productivity in Capture, Share and Management space. It provides a comprehensive set of features with a focus on unparalleled ease-of-use and productivity improvement.

Capture Once. Use It Forever!


Capture scrolling web pages and extract text from graphics with scrolling region capture. Outstanding support for comprehensive screen capture options.

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Share captured screens instantly with cloud and desktop applications including Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneNote, EverNote, MS Office, Mail, FTP, Jira, Facebook, etc.

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Manage all screen captures in one place seamlessly. Provides a super simple approach for categorizing, tagging, bookmarking and managing captured images.

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"Once you start using it, you cannot imagine working without it!"

What differentiates GetPixit?

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Virtual Canvas with Annotate Anywhere

Multi Tab Interface

Multi Image Management

Superior Cloud & Office Tools Integration

Integrated Jira Client Support

Seamless Web Integration

Our Story

GetPixit Innovation

Why we built GetPixit?

We have been in software development for the past three decades building world-class products, creating new technology markets and excelling at delivering large-scale products. And while doing this, we have used a variety of open source and commercial screen capture tools in the past. Almost all the screen capture tools stop at just providing a single screenshot capture and with some basic features to annotate it. A user has to organize and manage captured screenshots and share them using external tools and applications. Some advanced usage requires photo editing tools to manipulate the captured screens.

Having experienced the need firsthand, we made a decision to build an internal tool for improving the productivity of our engineers and managers who have been, without realizing, spending a significant amount of productive time on capturing, annotating, sharing and managing screens and images.

What started out as an innovative small project intended for internal use, slowly grew into a comprehensive, yet an easy-to-use product that we know today as GetPixit.