GetPixit - A Powerful Screen Capture Software

With GetPixit, Make Your Presentations Engaging

GetPixit is a unique screen capturing tool to help professionals such as Quality Analysts, Marketers and Product Managers. GetPixit comes equipped with a feature that allows its users to build presentations without having to use PowerPoint. This is possible because the screenshots/images saved as tabs can be used as slides for building a presentation.

Presentations are extremely important for professionals in an organization. For most, failure to build an engaging presentation results in consequences which are even catastrophic on occasions.

So what could really help one build a presentation that not only fulfills its purpose of relaying the necessary information and putting forth the point but is also engaging to its audience?

GetPixit can do it for you!

GetPixit isn’t just an ordinary screen capturing tool. It comes equipped with many more unique features that make it stand out from the rest of its counterparts such as Snagit.

It comes with 5000 unique icons that are stored in its database and available for use to its users. There are varying types of icons present in the GetPixit system. Namely they are as follows:

– Material
– MaterialLight
– FontAwesome
– Octicons
– Modern
– SimpleIcons

All types of icons which one may generally need at work have been included in the database of icons. All one needs to do is, drag the icon and drop it off on the screenshot they wish to see it at. After dragging an icon of choice and dropping it, one can expand or reduce the size of the icon while also being able to shift the location of the icon on the object.

Using GetPixit icons, one can forget about having to search the corners of internet or spending on expensive tools to make their presentations encouraging. In fact it isn’t just sourcing that is difficult otherwise but also the part where one has to fix the icons on the PowerPoint slides. On the other hand using the icons in GetPixit not only sounds easy but is also the same in practicality.

So if you are looking to build your next presentation and want people to like browsing through your slides then try GetPixit today. You may download GetPixit by clicking here.