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Virtual Canvas Support For GetPixit Users

Using screen capturing tools has become a part of regular practice for professionals such as Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Quality Analysts, etc. Professionals find a screen capturing tool to be of great help as it helps them in not only delivering on their work in time but also effortlessly.

When working with images captured using screen capturing tools, professionals many a times feel the need to add annotations to them. The currently available tools in the market, make it difficult for their users to add annotations. In fact, only a handful of the available tools come with this feature. Even out of the ones that do come with the concerned feature, none but one, come equipped with Virtual Canvas Support.

That one tool which comes with Virtual Canvas Support in addition to letting its users add & delete annotations is GetPixit.

Virtual Canvas Support in GetPixit enables the users of the screen capturing tool to annotate anywhere on the image and outside of it too.

With Virtual Canvas Support available, a user need not worry about expanding the canvas to fit the annotations added outside the image. The user is supposed to only click on Flatten Annotations option and the tool itself expands the canvas to accommodate the annotations that lie even outside the image.

Even when the image is copied to external applications, the Virtual Canvas Support takes care of the auto expansion.

This saves a great amount of time for the users thereby helping them be more productive at work.

To check out how this works, click here to download GetPixit.