GetPixit - A Powerful Screen Capture Software

Vector-based images: There’s now a better way to use them

Those little graphics you add to enhance your images. Different programs have different names for it but they’re everywhere. In Microsoft word, they’re called clip-art. In screen capturing software Snagit, they’re called Stamps. But the technical term for them is vector-based images.

What these little ‘icons’ do is help us reinforce our meaning in the images and documents we design and build. They are hugely popular in web design, thanks to the conciseness and versatility that makes them a lovely fit for displays large and small. They’re also rather popular amongst developers who use them as annotations on screen capturing software to track and discuss projects.

But vector based image icons have had their fair share of challenges. They are time-consuming to prepare for every intended display size and colour. And since high-resolution displays hit the market, these icons looked particularly low-quality and blocky compared to the text they are often accompanied with.

But now, thanks to the bright minds in the Silicon Valley, there’s already a better way to use the icons. And it’s called GetPixit – a ground breaking new screen capturing software that’s changing not only the way we capture screenshots, but also what we can do with them.

Besides the plethora of features it offers, it had a gargantuan library of over 5000 icons available within the software itself. And the icons are searchable and browsable in the built-in icon viewer. So no longer do you have to worry about where to obtain icons from to add to your image.